Tuscany Villa in Volterra near Siena


During the years we have welcomed many requests from private and corporate clients looking for a large venue where they can organize themed parties, family holidays, celebrations and events.
We regularly work with many event coordinators to help secure the best vendors and equipment available.
According to the size of the group they can help you by providing the finest state-of-the-art equipment and event design to create your personal atmosphere.
Our experienced staff will provide you with all the information and contacts necessary for a stress-free and successful event.


Choosing the Villa for your wedding will give you incredible flexibility for a more relaxed event, with intimate settings for the ceremony, music, the meal and after dinner events. Many couples from all over the world keep on choosing our Villa for their special day, arranging week long festivities and activities for family and friends to meet and greet in a comfortable, glamorous and welcoming setting.

We love when a wedding truly reflects the uniqueness of each couple and for this reason we want our guests to feel at home and be the owner of their event.
Anyway we highly recommed the help of a professional to help you with paperwork, coordinate all the aspects of the ceremony and choose all you’ll need for a perfect stressfree wedding day. We can provide on request a list of reliable contacts, all professional with different approaches that we have all seen at work.

Ideal for weddings from 20 to 80, the Villa can comfortably house events for up to 120 guests choosing from various accomodation options in the nearby countryside and towns for the additional guests.
It is possible to have also short rentals but not daily rentals.
The Villa is rented only as a whole, bedrooms included with a minimum of 3 nights or one week depending on the seasons.
Our weeks go from tuesday to tuesday while short rentals can be midweek, the cheapest choice, or long week-end from friday afternoon till tuesday morning.

Themed Weeks

In honour of the cultural heritage of the Cristaldi family we like to welcome occasionally special themed weeks offering the chance to learn and work with the best in the business in keeping Cristaldi’s vision to extend the horizons creatively and intellectually in a supportive and joyous atmosphere, relaxing with a company of like minded individuals.

The Villa offers so much in ambience, space and facilities that it really feels like a magical home. It is a unique setting for an inspirational course combined with a relaxing holiday.
We are always ready to consider creative suggestions able to attract high caliber participants to dedicate one week during the year at this kind of cultural initiatives offering hospitality at special conditions and professional and competent support.

Team Retreats

Inspire your team, thank your clients and better your company’s performance by setting up a special event at Villa di Ulignano.

This beautiful setting is ideal to create group experiences, team building, private meetings and management retreats.

The ideal number of 12 guests can be accomodated all in suites and single-use double rooms, each with its own private bathroom.

Shooting Set

Famed for its beautiful countryside and quintessential medieval towns, it comes as no surprise that Tuscany has been used as the backdrop for many movies, commercials and photo shooting.

The appeal is understandable and the Villa is just perfect for this use.