Tuscany Villa in Volterra near Siena


The comfort of a home, the services of a hotel and the luxury of the choice

Free to personalize your holiday

Over the years we have seen that different people like to live the villa in different ways.
We have seen groups come and do everything themselves, sharing the duties in perfect harmony, and others who simply want to be pampered and have a vacation from the duties of daily life. Some come and delight in shopping at the local market, cooking, and living like a Tuscan local, while others might bring their staff from home, or find a personalized solution to their needs on the internet.

But for those who prefer to take this holiday to get away from it all, and not have to worry about making meals and cleaning up, we are more than happy to offer a variety of solutions.

Every year we carefully select highly-qualified local vendors and ask them to prepare customized solutions for us. Most vendors have developed a strong understanding of the villa and its guests, and thus offer such a wide range of services that makes it difficult to not find exactly what you are looking for.
If you book the additional services before your arrival you will ensure that you will have a team at your disposal to make your stay flawless and easy from the very first day.

The rental fee of the Villa is based on a self-catering solution that includes only pool and garden maintenance, as well as in-house multilingual (Italian, English, French) concierge service. The final cleaning and initial supply of linen are the only obligatory additional services. The rest is for you to choose.



The villa is full of wonderful amenities for living la dolce vita... one could easily spend the whole time at the villa and never venture out.

  • WI FI internet connection reaches most of the villa
  • Private swimming pool 20x10 m with full facilities and landscaped gardens
    Finnish sauna, showers, toilets, dressing rooms, bar, stereo system with 2 speakers of 200 watt each, mixer and ipod cable, pergola with tables and chairs, gazebo, outdoor table tennis, deck chairs and matresses, fully equipped kitchen, barbecue and wood oven.
  • Projection room with professional 35mm projectors and DVD readers (european region,  american and blue ray), laptop cable, Wii and professional pop corn machine.
  • Large indoor reception room (990 sq.fts). Can ideally accomodate up to 90 guests for served meals and 110 guests for buffet meals.
  • Intimate catholic private chapel
  • Finnish sauna with relaxing area
  • Gym
  • Game rooms
    Billiard room, roulette room, indoor table tennis and table games
  • Large professional kitchen fully equipped
    Ice maker, professional dishwasher, 2 large fridges and a freezer, convection oven, gas oven, 8 professional burner stoves, pasta cooker, slicer...
  • Air conditioning in the Villa top floor
  • Laundry with dryer and iron
  • Mosquito nets in the school and barn area

Additional services

Through our close network of the best local suppliers we are able to take care of your stay offering an extraordinary variety of additional services.

Maid service

Think about a huge villa, a bunch of crazy friends and imagine your needs...

You can choose from different packages specifically designed for you.

Cleanings of the common areas
the perfect choice to tidy up everything, except the bedrooms and their bathrooms, before and/or after your event.

Cleanings of the pool area
the perfect choice for a daily cleaning of the pool area

Cleanings of bedrooms and bathrooms:
the midweek solution for a fresh restart

Extra linen, bath and pool towels
can be changed during the stay on request.

Order these services no later than 15 days before arrival.

Home delivery service

Begin your vacation sooner and save time with our personalized provisioning services.

Beverage selection
why start your vacation carrying cases of drinks to the Villa? We offer a wide selection of soft drinks, water, wines, beers, liqueurs and spirits that can be ordered a-la-carte and stocked in the villa’s fridges before your arrival.

Provisioning plan
save time on your arrival and find all of your essentials at the villa including housekeeping, breakfast, staples and assortment at a fixed rate.
We offer 3 different prices for Small (designed for 15 people) Regular (designed for 30 people) and Large package (designed for 40 people).
The amount and choice of goods is based on our experience and should cover approx. 3 days.

Order these services no later than 15 days before arrival.

Daily bread service
Every morning the baker of Volterra can deliver fresh bread and croissants directly at the Villa in the desired quantity.

Order no later than the morning before the service.

Take away service
in collaboration with the little restaurant Il Borgo located at walking distance from the villa. You can order: pizza, tasting menus and also morning pastries, bread and donuts to be delivered directly to the Villa.

Order no later than 2 days before the service.


Tuscan Mommies are local housewives who perfectly know the villa and the area.
They can be a great support during your stay to cook informal meals.
They are paid per hour + food costs including food shopping, cooking, table setting using the equipment of the villa, buffet service and washing up for a maximum of 40 people.
Tuscan mummies can be hired also for single services.

Order no later than 15 days before arrival

Catering service
per person rate menus are available for your breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner services including pizza party and barbecue.
The catering service can be ordered with a minimum of 30 people and the per person rate includes food, service and table setting without using the equipment of the Villa.
Catering can be hired also for single services.

Order no later than 15 days before arrival.

Chef hire for the week for those who needs a full time service for the week. 10 hours service per day + a help for the washing up.

Order no later than 30 days before arrival.

Baby sitters, nannies and children entertainers

Depending on the children’s ages you can choose from different offers for your children’s needs.

Order no later than 1 week before the service.

Wedding planners

If you are renting the Villa for your wedding we highly recommend the help of a professional to help you with all you’ll need for a perfect stress-free wedding day.
The choice of a wedding planner is important and subjective, trust and understanding are always fundamental and what works for other people may not work for you. For this reason we provide not a name but a list of reliable contacts. Professionals with different approaches that we have all seen at work.

Order right after you booked the Villa.

Private transfers

Whether you are looking for a cab to San Gimignano or a minivan to from the airport, or a bus for a full-day tour to a hill-town, we are happy to help. It is important to keep in mind that we are not in a town where you can find a cab with a whistle - what we have are more private-driver services than proper cabs, and thus you really do need to book in advance. There are only a few local companies providing these services and they might not be available when you need them if you haven’t booked them in advance.

Order as soon as you know it


Discover the real Tuscany with an insider’s view of what life in Italy is truly like.
By renting the villa you’ll experience how to feel like a local.
You can do as much or as little as you want by choosing the activites that best suit you.
Tuscany offers visitors such an extensive variety of experiences that you probably don’t even know half of them exist.
Here an inspirational list of unique experiences to show you how easy it is to make your own “under the tuscan sun” memories when you rent our Villa di Ulignano.


  • ReceiveReceive

  • ExploreExplore

  • suggested at the beginningExperience that aims to give you the knowledge and skills to better appreciate the world of Tuscany - suggested at the beginning of your holiday

  • suggested at the endSuggested at the end of your holiday as a happy ending

The Wine

Receivesuggested at the beginning

Have a sommeiller come to your villa with a selection of top Tuscan wines from across the region for a private conversation on the history and traditions of “Tuscan wine making”, and to explore and compare the very best that the region has to offer.


suggested at the beginning

 Private visits to wineries carefully selected in the most celebrated wine-growing areas to choose from: Montalcino, Chianti, San Gimignano, Bolgheri and the coast.

The food

Receivesuggested at the beginning

 Cooking class based on the traditional tuscan preparations.
You can comfortably welcome a traditional housewife or a professional chef in your kitchen and let them disclose the savoury world of tuscan food.
Much appreciated the formula “we play chef ” when part of the group cooks for everybody with the help of a housewife: you can prepare different menus for different days with different group of friends alternating at the stoves.


suggested at the beginning

Have a delicious ice-cream in the famous Piazza del Pozzo in San Gimignano, a dinnerat Badò a traditional trattoria in Volterra, an organic food menu or a savoury pizza in the little restaurant Il Borgo at walking distance from the Villa, a dinner at Genuino the best restaurant in Volterra, a starred dinner at the timeless Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence or Arnolfo Restaurant in Colle Val d’Elsa or La Pineta on the coast at the sea.

Receivesuggested at the endSearching for truffles in the Villa woods together with a skilled truffle hunter and his dog. Ideal for groups of maximum 10 people each.
The happy conclusion of the morning will be a simple lunch at the Villa organized by our truffle hunters with truffle menu.

The folklore

Receivesuggested at the endMusical and entertainment groups can raise your spirits in the warm tuscan nights with different proposals caught in the tuscan tradition.

Exploresuggested at the endThe most colourful spectacles presented by different towns in different time of the year like the Palio of Siena (July 2 and August 16), the historic football in Florence (June 24), the Luminara of San Ranieri in Pisa (June 16), the Explosion of the Cart in Florence (Easter morning), Volterra A.D.1398 in August and many more.

The handcraft

Exploresuggested at the beginningGuided tours to the craftman’s studios at the discovery of what is still alive of the most ancient memory of this land. The alabaster and the goldsmith workrooms in Volterra. The paper and bookbindery, ceramics and pottery, the lute-makers, the leather and the goldsmiths and the bronze workers in Florence.

The art and culture

Exploresuggested at the beginningThe many art cities with their amazing museums are all within reach. You can choose to go on your own with a rented car or to leave the Villa as a group letting us arrange for you a private transfer and a professional local guide to find on site.
Volterra, San Gimignano and then Siena, Pisa, Lucca and Florence... what a choice!

The nature

Receivesuggested at the beginningYou can rent mountain bikes for the whole group with a comfy delivery at the Villa, ideal to explore the beautiful dirt roads of the surroundings.

Exploresuggested at the endDiscover the tuscan countryside on horseback with wonderful paths for experienced riders and beginners. You will always find amazing views wherever you go. You can start from riding stables in the surroundings in groups of maximum 4 people each with transfers from/to the Villa included.

Exploresuggested at the endDiscover from a bird’s eye point of view the beauty of Tuscany. An hot air baloon ride should be an absolute must in your to-do list. Take off will take place in a field close to the Villa with pilots of great experience and the flight usually lasts 1 hour. Each balloon can take from 4 to 16 people. We can arrange groups of maximum 10 baloons flying together.

Exploresuggested at the endAdmire the sea where nature, history and art get together in a timeless place: the Baratti gulf and the Etruscan town of Populonia. Only a 2 hour drive from the Villa, a little paradise a hand.

Receivesuggested at the beginningExplore with an enviromental tour guide the enchanting surroundings of the Villa trekking the little falls “le Cascatelle”, the ring of the Black Mountain “l’anello del Monte Nero”. A drive’s reach also the rock of the young girls on the Cecina river “il Masso delle Fanciulle”, the natural reserve of Monterufoli and Caselli, the park of Tatti and Berignone.
Even pic-nics are possible on request.

The wellness

Exploresuggested at the endTuscany is full of thermal spas: Le Terme di Casciana, Rapolano, Bagno Vignoni and Gambassi Terme are the closest all easily reachable with a 2 hour drive.

Receivesuggested at the endRelaxing, aromatherapy and shiatsu massage with the set up of a wellness area at the Villa. Each massage lasts 50 minutes. A minimum of two treatments are required for the house-to-house service.

Receivesuggested at the beginningPersonal trainer for yoga, tai-chi and pilates sessions at the villa.